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PEMEX Chemicals Company separated from its parent company - National Oil Company in 2012,At present,PEMEX Chemicals is a private-holding company.The company belongs to Guatemala Mixco Investment Corporation and independent director- Mr Bernardez,who is ...
PEMEX Chemicals Industries Company aims to become a leading company in the petrochemical sector through direct investments, joint Ventures, alliances and through the creation of new, innovative investment opportunities in the petrochemical and related sectors.
FMEE Cas No:65218-33-7
FMES Cas No:71338-19-24
MEK Cas No:78-93-3
BPA Cas No:80-05-7
"Building an asset allocation model that will create value in the investment portfolio on a consistent basis".

"PEMEX will seek to balance sectoral risk, as far as possible, by diversifying investments in sectors (within the overall mandate of petrochemicals and derivatives / products) that have cyclical variations with compensating highs and lows."

Our Major Investments include:

PEMEX Chemicals Investor's Forum 2012

PEMEX's 2012 Chemicals presentation was released on March, 2012. Read More
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